About The Author

Dan Hartensveld, CDIA+ is the founder of The EDI Project, a solution provider specializing connecting healthcare data sources.  Dan has spent the last eighteen years as an architect of successful in house and outsourced automation solutions for large corporations all over the United States. The experiences gained at large insurers, outsourcing firms and software companies has been a very valuable asset and should lead to articles on a wealth of subjects.


3 thoughts on “About The Author

  1. Dan,

    Nice work on the article I whole heartedly agree. I did check our Bob Barr but I ended up voting for McCain. In NJ it may not make a difference the Dems. seem to have control over NJ. But I almost feel lost in all of the political stuff. It could be Obama will be the next Herbert Hoover. Either way it sometimes feels like the world is getting out of control.


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